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Isaac Louis Basque born March 16, 1917
Mother:  Bridget Anne Sack
Father:  Simon Basque
Brother:  Maximus Basque
Sister:  Nancy Nicholas
Sister:  Elizabeth Basque
Sister:  Mary Catherine Basque

This is my Dad, Isaac Louis Basque. 

Born in New Glasgow, he lived in Whycobah.  His mother became lonesome living so far from home so his father moved the family to Indianbrook.   They cleared the land, and became farmers.

My father took us all on vacation during the summer.  We camped all across country.  We slept in a tent everywhere even in YellowStone National Park with the Grizzlies.  Rain or shine we pitched a tent and made camp.  He loved mountain climbing, trout fishing and hiking.

All My Relations


Dad had his feet on the ground.  He loved camping, fishing and watching sports.  He was on a bowling team for years. 

He worked for the Algonquin Gas Transmission Company for over 30 years  He started by clearing land for the pipeline and by the time he retired, he was an inspector.   He worked hard for his family and never tired.  I thought my Dad could do anything.  To this day, I think he knew everything. 



My father with his horse


Posing alongside my Grandmother's roses.


on his way to yet another camping trip